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Take a look at how we’ve been helping our customers publish their menus...


We’ve added some additional examples below that demonstrate the flexibility and power of Ten Kites

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Print menus

Ten Kites print module tools enable great looking PDF guest-facing menus to be designed and generated for locations or brands.

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Ten Kites Menu API
Ten Kites menu API allows third-party systems to access information for published menus as a JSON feed.

Ten Kites offers an API that allows developers of third-party applications and systems to directly access live menu information. This ensures the menu information is displayed the same in every system with no manual intervention required.

Examples of third parties that have integrated into the Ten Kites API include:

Mobile App and Website Sites: Where customers use their own developers to create mobile apps or websites that display menus, obtaining menu information automatically from Ten Kites.

POS: Adds rich menu item information from Ten Kites into POS systems to guests with important dish allergy and nutritional information directly from the POS terminal or hand-held devices.

Label Printers: Allow food and drink packaging labels to be generated and printing using existing menu item information from Ten Kites.

Kitchen Management Systems: Enrich KMS displays with full dish ingredients, preparation steps and images using existing information extracted from existing recipe management systems.

Ten Kites API provides the following information for live menus:

  • Menu Names and Description
  • Menu Sections
  • Menu Modifiers (Build Your Own)
  • Menu Items
  • Names and Descriptions
  • Reference IDs
  • Dietary Information
  • Nutritional Information
  • Media; Images, Video and Documents